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Selection of refrigeration equipment for small cold storage - 2016-04-02 -
Small cold storage installation refrigeration equipment, the heart is a refrigeration unit, commonly used small refrigeration unit general models use leading organic fluorine refrigeration equipment, organic fluorine refrigeration equipment use small refrigerant R22 and other new refrigerant impact on the environment. Fluorine machine refrigeration equipment is usually small in size, low noise, safe and reliable, high degree of automation, suitable for small scale refrigeration equipment in villages.
Cold storage installation of refrigeration equipment and refrigeration equipment, such as a combination of commonly known as the chiller, chiller units and air cooling units of the sub. Small refrigerator to air-cooled unit as the preferred method, it has simple and compact structure, convenient operation, easy installation, less equipment under the strengths, the refrigeration equipment is easy to see.
Refrigerator refrigeration unit is the heart of refrigeration equipment, refrigeration machine tightening are common open and semi closed and closed points. Full closed compressor has the advantages of small volume, low noise, low power consumption, high efficiency and energy saving. It is the preferred type of cold storage, air-cooled refrigeration unit is composed of fully closed compressor, can be made into a method such as split air conditioner that, on the wall.
Now market comparison of fully enclosed refrigeration compressor, to developed countries imported or joint venture refrigeration equipment product quality comparison firm, but offer with respect to domestic confidential high more than 50%, the appropriate comparison villages and towns small refrigerator with the refrigeration equipment.

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