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Matching type selection of compressor and condenser - 2016-04-02 -
The compressor model is matched according to the heat radiating area of the condenser:
1. Calculation method of heat exchange area of air condenser
Refrigeration compressor motor power /200~250= condenser heat exchange surface for example: (3SS1-1500 compressor) CT=40 C: CE=-25 c compressor cooling capacity =12527W+ compressor motor power 11250W=23777/230= wind condenser heat exchange area 103m2
2, water cooled condenser heat exchange area and the ratio of the wind condenser = 1 ratio of 18 (103 /18) =6m2
The evaporator area according to the refrigeration capacity (evaporation temperature * delta T relative humidity correction coefficient table).
3, the calculation method of cooling capacity: = x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
For example: there is a frozen library
1) temperature -35 C
2) quick frozen 1T/H
3) time 2/H
4) frozen material (FISH)
5) ambient temperature 27
6) equipment maintenance body heat preservation board calculation: 62 c * 1.23=31266 * 0.82 * kcal/n CT=40 can check the compressor evaporation temperature CE-40 =31266 C

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