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Food freezing process - 2016-04-02 -
Frozen food in freezing process, the heat release is actually an exothermic process not uniform, so the freezing process of the cooling equipment required cold quantity is not uniform.
Food freezing process consists of three stages:
The first stage is the cooling stage, the temperature of the food due to more than 0 degrees C to 0 degrees C;
The second stage is the stage of the formation of ice crystals, food temperature from 0 degrees C to -5 degrees C;
The third stage is to freeze the cooling stage, the temperature of the food by -5 degrees C to -15 degrees C.
In frozen food in three stages, the second phase of the required cold quantity. At this time freezing room with stage equipment to all be put into operation, and in the first and third stages, due to the time unit of heat load of less, appropriate to reduce the wind speed, reduce the air volume, in order to achieve the purpose can meet. Previous frozen by the cold air machine is only a speed and can not be adjusted, if equipped with double speed or variable speed motor cooling fan and freezing circulating flow can be regulated, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

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