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Problems of easy to be ignored in cold storage installation - 2016-04-02 -
A cold storage engineering design, into the cold storage installation steps. Then the cold storage installation should pay attention to what? Note the installation of cold storage as follows:
In order to make the refrigerator to maintain a certain temperature, the need to pay attention to the installation of cold storage insulation materials: cold floors, walls and roof are provided with a certain thickness, to reduce the external heat transfer. In order to reduce the radiation absorption of solar energy, cold storage wall surface generally painted white or light color. So cold storage building and general industrial and civil construction is different, has its unique structure. Cold storage building to prevent the infiltration of air and water vapor diffusion.
Outdoor air into the Refrigeratory library body not only can increase the storage consumption of cooling capacity, but also to the warehouse into water, moisture condensation from building especially damp heat insulation structure of freezing damage, so to damp proof heat insulation layer is arranged, the cold construction to maintain moisture gas barrier properties and good sealing.
The foundation of cold storage is affected by low temperature, and the soil moisture is easy to be frozen. Due to the volume expansion of the soil after freezing, it will cause the ground breaking and deformation of the entire building structure, damage, even if it is possible to make the cold storage can not be used. Therefore, low temperature cold storage floor in addition to effective insulation, insulation also must be treated to prevent soil freezing. The cold floor to a large pile of goods, but also pass various handling machinery and equipment, so its structure should be strong and has bigger bearing capacity. In low temperature environment, especially in the period of freezing and thawing cycle in the process of building structure, easy to be damaged. Therefore, each part of the structure of cold storage and cold storage building materials have sufficient frost resistance.

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