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Intelligent three-dimensional cold storage has the following major characteristi - 2016-04-02 -
1, in the library all adopt the exclusive domestic manufacturing of ultra low temperature automatic warehouse capacity Taiyuan corundum control system and mechanical equipment company. Mechanical equipment mainly by Taiwan "intelligent robot" work, loading and unloading speeds of up to 120 per hour disc above, also can meet a plurality of 12 - 88 cubic size models at the same time picking. Compared with the flat base to improve labor productivity by sound, replace the human into the library carrying era. The control system and full control of the storage process, and the food variety, quantity, time, storage location, tray barcode and print date detailed records. The microcomputer control print a variety of instruments and reconciliation, accurate, timely, convenient and quick. Shield the manual accounting errors, confusion, reconciliation difficult shortcomings.
2, refrigeration equipment used in all domestic refrigeration industry's most influential Dalian Bingshan Refrigeration Co. Ltd. to build. All of the refrigeration technology, digital automation, automatic temperature control, automatic filling can be cream, microcomputer monitoring automation function. Refrigeration equipment than conventional manual temperature control for instability, artificial filling cream on personal and unsafe factors play an important role. Provide a strong guarantee for the realization of temperature control standards.
3, the main structure of the cold storage by China's largest light steel keel Beijing northern bubble group company design and manufacture, the selection of polyethylene fire retardant materials, insulation performance is good, excellent quality, sealing and strict, reasonable design and so on.
By world-class door manufacturers Crawford supplies all 4, three-dimensional database of all the garage door, its typical characteristics is quality first, no deformation, safe and reliable operation, good thermal insulation properties. The automatic system installed by photoelectric and magnetic signals automatically accept the door opening and closing fast. Solve the old veteran push the door of the cumbersome and cumbersome and difficult life, etc..
5, three-dimensional cold storage staff is composed of ten professional college graduates. Military management. Can be completed 24 hours a day out of storage operations. They have high technical skills, rich practical experience, strong sense of responsibility, good quality of service.
6, three-dimensional database is composed of three different temperature regions, from low to ultra low temperature gradually into the main reservoir. Between the region and the region with all the double doors open shelf, door and door opening each other. To form the whole area without alternating hot and cold air convection, no fog, no frost, moisture in the library. The design of the first domestic. To ensure the quality of all the food into the library.
7, the largest professional logistics and distribution companies, with all type of refrigerated vehicles more than 800 taiwan. At the same time can give the country distribution transport.

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