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compressor、Condenser match selection

The heat dissipation area of ​​the condenser matching the compressor model: 1、Calculation method for the heat exchange area of ​​the wind condenser cooling capacity + compressor motor power/200~250 = condensation

The condenser

A condenser to condense ammonia and freon used in such refrigerant vapor refrigeration plant。 Petrochemical industry with a condenser of hydrocarbons and other chemical vapor condensation。

Freezer odors released essentials

Freezer odors released essentials,Shanghai cold storage company to share with you 1、Relieve cold smell of ozone essentials law。 Oxidation with ozone ferocious disseminated,Do not

Dual temperature refrigerator requires regular

After the two-temperature refrigerator installation process,Because the food itself and under the action of external conditions,Cold storage needs regular maintenance,Below Changzhou Xinyue set cold