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Considerations for compressor oil - 2016-04-02 -
Each kind of refrigeration products has its operating considerations, if operating properly, it will have an accident today in Shanghai dew Refrigeration Engineering Co., Ltd. Xiaobian for you explain the compressor oil operation matters needing attention.
1, air compressor oil is absolutely not allowed to use in the oxygen and chlorine gas compressor, otherwise the explosion.
2, the new machine refueling and old machine maintenance after refueling and oil change must the lubricating oil pipeline and tank clean, no residue oil, impurities, in particular, such as metal cleaning agent.
When refueling, the compressor oil should be filtered according to the specified amount of oil into the oil tank, and the cycle is used in the three stage.
3, strictly control the appropriate amount of oil, should ensure that lubrication and cooling under the premise of minimizing. To the oil amount much, will increase the carbon deposits in the cylinder, so that the valve is not tightly closed, compression efficiency drops, and even cause an explosion, and waste lubricating oil; to the oil volume is too small, lubrication and cooling effect is not good, cause overheating of the compressor, increasing the mechanical wear and tear.
4, strictly control the intake temperature. The intake air temperature is high, it will cause the exhaust temperature is high, will accelerate the formation of coke. Coke exhaust valve should be cleaned regularly and in exhaust duct.
In 5, the use of oil to to according to the structure of compressor, compressed medium, operating conditions, lubrication and lubrication oil quality, the reference oil change index of the timely replacement of the new oil, in order to avoid damage to the device.
6, in the storage, preservation and use of in the process, do not mix with water and other impurities, especially the active metal, fuel oil, emulsion and so on, so as not to affect the quality of oil; the best indoor storage, is strictly prohibited exposure to sun and rain.
7, in the use of dust, air filter should be clean, to avoid dust into the compressor.
8. Do not mix with other oil products.
9, total loss system oil (mechanical oil) is not suitable for compressor circulating lubrication system.
10, under the premise of ensuring the lubrication, the choice of viscosity grades of smaller oil is appropriate.
11, the main reason of deposit formation:
Exhaust temperature is too high.
Improper selection of oil, such as viscosity is too large, poor quality, etc..
To the amount of oil is too large.
Compressed gas is not safe.
Air compressor load had an obvious influence on coke formation and air compressor for a long time in half load operation, full load operation of generation of carbon.
Mixed with impurities and water in the oil (accelerated aging at high temperatures).
Pipeline scaling, corrosion, etc.

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